Engagement Photography Around Boston


This unique service is a distant relative of the paparazzi-like coverage of the famous.  This is much more laid back and fun, but you get a personal photographer for the day!  A recent session like this started off in our couples’ condo for some coffee, fresh baked cinna-buns and some engagement photography; the plan was to cover them throughout a perfect day.   We began by photographing a bit of their morning routine and later we enjoyed some drinks and a bit of romance out and about around Boston.  These shoots are not only fun, but elevate the romance and love the couple feels and displays for each other, which often results in perfect dates. Coming in at around 6 hours, it’s a great opportunity to get some all-around coverage, hitting some neat locations for a bit of romance and fine-art. Another great advantage of the long engagement session is creating a comfortable environment and really working on being relaxed in front of the camera, as well the photographer.  This helps both the couple and the photographer be ready and at ease for the big day!

































































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